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Youtube Premium Apk Download[No Ads Latest 2021]

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YouTube Premium offers you to watch YouTube videos without ads and plays music on the background. Download it now if you want to watch YouTube freely.

Version Latest
Apk Size 31 MB
Android Version Requires 4.4+
Developer Steve Chen
Category Communication
Updated One day ago
Installs 50,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 10+
Price Free
Info Unlocked

About YouTube:

YouTube is a social network dedicated to videos only. It contains videos on any topic ever existed on this planet and in any lengths. It is extremely popular among the people of the world. Around 2 billion people use it every day. It is ranked as # 2 most popular social network. Due to its huge popularity and increasing demand, it is going to become one of the most visited sites ever someday.

Though YouTube is an ideal app offering free content on all kinds of topics. Yet there is a limit to it. This app does not offer perfect watching time to its users. Since almost all YouTube channels have contracts with advertising companies. It has become a big business to run ads during or before videos. So, the ads are irritating to anyone clicking a video to watch but instead being forced to watch an ad.

Another problem that you must be facing with YouTube is how it does not play music on the background. Sometimes, one wants to enjoy scrolling Facebook while listening to some music being played on YouTube. But there is no such choice. As you can either enjoy music on YouTube or scroll Facebook. Because YouTube pauses the video as you open a new tap above it.

Above all of it, there is a version of YouTube solving all problems you were facing while watching YouTube. It is the premium version of YouTube. Let’s discuss the premium version of YouTube in detail so you can know how it solves your problems. read more click here!

Official videos with high resolutions:

YouTube, since its inception, kept on developing and improving. It has changed a lot with time. For such quality of continuous development, it is one of the most trust-worthy platforms for businesses.

Many brands, companies, businessmen, skill-selling individuals trust this network to build, attract and sustain their audience. This is also a potential industry giving platform to underrated and world-famous artists. You can search for any topic and find relevant videos. You can also set an appointment for your favorite video release.

Never miss out on your favorite YouTube Channel:

In short, YouTube is everyone’s favorite. You can subscribe to a channel, so you do not miss out anything they upload. You can click bell icon, so you receive notification every time they upload a new video.

Livestreams with audience:

Almost all famous celebrities especially singers have their own YouTube Channels. They stay in touch with their fans through their channels. They upload their music content, do casual everyday talk videos, and do question/answer sessions live. You can join livestream session and talk to your favorite celebrity.

Livestream session displays comments during the video. Moreover, uploaded videos have a comments section where you can express your views and your idol will respond to them.

Plus, livestream is also a great opportunity for business. There are many streamers who play games, talk about different products and provide great content to their audience through livestreams. Its biggest example is PUBG. Many gamers play it on livestream and their audience enjoy it a lot.

Discovering new content on YouTube:

Since YouTube is constantly developing. Each day, it comes with a new feature that its users love. One of such features is that YouTube suggests content of your interest. As you open the home page, it shows content suggestions that’re relevant to your interest. The content might be from any genre; music, games, news, movies, anything. It basically depends on your watch history on YouTube.

Moreover, YouTube has a story option. This feature resembles Story feature of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Here, you can update a short video or story. Your audience can like, dislike and comment on this just like a post.

Strictly controlled community:

Free content availability on diverse topics is being strictly moderated by YouTube. This is an impressive policy since anyone can upload a video and anyone can watch any video. Yet the terms and conditions ensure safety and peace on YouTube.

Without operation license, no channel can work. If it does, the content will be removed by YouTube within short time of uploading.

Moreover, there is an option for YouTube audience to report a channel. If the number of reports reach a certain number, YouTube will delete the channel. It can also happen if the channel isn’t violating any laws and only sharing offensive views. Thus, YouTube is quite wide and free yet strictly lawful.

Watch content offline:

YouTube gives you gallery or favorites folders where you can store videos to watch later. You can also download videos to watch offline.

Features of Premium YouTube:

Since YouTube stands as a top and most demanded social network. You must go for the best version of YouTube out there. This perfect version is YouTube Premium which we offer you for free.

Let’s discuss the features of YouTube Premium!

Play on the background:

ever since the YouTube was incepted, its users wanted it to play music on the background. So, they can replace MP3 with it since it can be downloaded in phone and offers wider variety in content. But this was of no help because they have to keep YouTube screen on. When they open a new tab, the YouTube content stops playing.

For this, the premium version of YouTube came to save you entertainment. With this version, you can scroll Facebook with YouTube video being played on the background.

No ads or sponsors:

almost all YouTube videos contain ads in them. Either in the beginning or anytime during the video. This gets irritating especially when one is engrossed in the video.

YouTube Premium blocks all ads or sponsors interrupting your video. With this version, you can watch anything without having to watch ads from time to time.

Install YouTube Premium:

For rooted device:

  • Download YouTube Premium
  • Install it
  • Enjoy YouTube Premium

For non-rooted device:

  • Download Mirco G
  • Install it
  • Log in YouTube
  • Enjoy it

For Android device:

Android devices usually come with YouTube installed. But if the default app does not fulfill your demands, delete it. Download YouTube Premium as described earlier.


Q- Is YouTube Premium safe?

  • Yes, it is 100% safe. In fact, it is actually YouTube but with premium features like ad blocking and background play.

Q- What distinguishes YouTube Premium from YouTube?

  • YouTube does not offer to play videos on the background. Plus, the videos are interrupted from time to time with ads and sponsors. But in YouTube Premium, there are no ads disturbing you and you can listen to music on the background.

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