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Subway Surfers- Play Online Subway Surfers

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Nowadays, everyone is addicted to gaming as we know, the gaming community is increasing gradually with time. Millions of games are introduced till now, and all of them are the best ones with amazing features in them to fascinate you.

Games like Subway Surfer are fascinating and entertaining, with their new features as they are the best option for time killing. With advancements in technology, some games are made in real-life experience, which you love to play with great enthusiasm. Read more about apks

Name Of Game Subway Surfers APK
Version 2-26-1
Updated One day ago
Requirements 4.4 and up to
Offered  By SYBO Games
Size 185MB
Get It On Google Play

Subway Surfer MOD APK

What Is A Subway Surfer Apk?

In childhood, everyone was fond of playing run chase with their friends and family. This game was one of the best games that we remember until now and is still fresh. To keep it fresh in our memories and feel the same joy like that, MODY Apk introduces a new game, the Subway Surfer Apk.

In this game, you will experience endless running in which you’ll not get tired and kept on running. Subway surfer, a free online game, is a great choice for game lovers with infinite running and a decent game to keep you busy and energetic.

Main Concept Of This Game

There is a very charming story or concept of this game on which they develop the Subway Surfer. The main idea is that a nasty boy named Jake painted on a train car that was restricted to paint on it, but he paints it. A police officer came to know that the one who painted on the car train was Jake. So, he finds Jake, and when he saw him, Jake runs away from there, and the officer starts chasing him with a baton in his hand, so he teaches him a lesson for doing this.


How To Play It?


Subway Surfer game is the most rated game with lots of users, but its rating is not that much complicated. This game is way too easy to play with basic functions on the mobile and PC. In this, you have to run nonstop by hitting the obstacles because if you hit any snag, then you’ll have to start the game again.

You have to run along the rails constantly by touching the obstacles in this way; you will achieve the highest score. To control Jake, you can take the following steps,

  • For jump, swipe up on your screen so Jake will jump on the hurdle.
  • For roll, swipe down on the screen to skip the obstacle by rolling downward from it.
  • For skipping or changing the path, swipe left and right on the screen.

Those who play Subway Surfer online with a keyboard on PC have different functions than the mobile.

Features Of This Game

This game has numerous features with lots of unique and new facets to make everyone its lover. Some of its features are the following,

  • Free Game

One of the most crucial features everyone wants in all the games is that it must be free of cost; you don’t have to offer a premium offer to unblock all of its features. You can say that Subway Surfer Unblocked means it is free, with no subscription to get an offer.


  • Multiple Characters

To get more enjoyment and increase the number of users, the developers of Subway Surfer Apkadded many characters in it so you can’t get bored by playing with only one or two characters.


  • Collect Boosters For Speed

There are many different components like the fly, speed, high jump, and many more. There are some boosters on the track to get them to get to unlock different features. Even with them, you can cross the hurdle without any problem means these hurdles will be transparent in front of you until that boost ends.


  • Straightforward

Subway Surfer is the most simple and straightforward game; you don’t have to be an expert or need some skills. You will feel that it is boring at the start, but later you will get used to it.


  • Customize Your Character

You can customize your character according to your choice, which you like the most. You have to first unblock the item by playing the game and achieving the highest score, and then you can select different items for your character, like a Chinese hat or motorbike helmet.


  • Unblock Characters And Maps

To make it more interesting and engaging, they add many characters and maps to it. But to play those maps with new characters, you must have to clear the initial levels, so the Subway Surferopens new levels and characters for you.


  • Play With Friends

You can play this game with your friends and family by connecting your social media accounts with the game and start playing with them.


  • Fantastic Quality

Subway SurferGame is not good in its features; it also has amazing graphics and sound quality. It has HD graphics with music that take your gaming capability to the next level.

MOD Version And Features

Subway Surfer is good to play for killing time, but the most important thing you want is that it must be easy with lots of extra features. To make it easier for yourself, you must download the MOD version of Subway Surfer. Still, you can make it much complicated in this version by challenging the experienced player and competing with him.That means the MOD version is best for all beginners and experienced ones.

In the MOD version, you will get some more features which are as follow,

  • The first feature you will get in this version is unlimited money; when you open the game, you will unblock all the other characters and maps. Even you can buy different items for your favorite character to make it more catchy and handsome.
  • The second feature you will get in this version is that all the characters will be unlocked when you open the game. So with this version, you don’t have to play for a long time to collect the gold and unlock characters; install the game in the MOD version and start playing with different characters.



FAQs Section

 How do I download Subway Surfers for PC?

Subway surfer is a game full of adventure, thrill, and suspense. In this game, you need to grab the gold without smashing in the obstacles. Subway Surfer was introduced on mobile platforms initially; however,play it on your PC as well. The installation of subway surfer on the PC demands the following terms;

  • To install Subway Surfer on your PC, you need to install the Blue Stacks.
  • Then you need to sign in to access the play store optional)
  • Now search for Subway Surfer in the above search bar.
  • Then click to install the subway surfers.
  • Now you will have to complete the google sign if you have ignored it in the second step.
  • Click on the icon of subway surfer on the screen and begin playing.

Is subway surf free?

Yes, despite being such an amazing adventure game. Subway surfer is free to play. You need to install and start playing this game simply.

Do Subway Surfers have an end?

Your game will only end when you lose in the game. Like many other games, for example, temple run subway surfer is an endless game you have to run and score points. The only way you are going to lose is when you smash in an object or hurdle. However, one way or another, you are a force to end the game.

Which is the best character in subway surfers?

Subway surfer is full of characters, but some of our favorite characters are;

  • Tony
  • Brody
  • Rex
  • Harumi
  • Tasha
  • Jia
  • Mina


What is the highest score in subway surfers?

It isn’t easy to score in Subway Surfer, but the highest score of subway surfer is 2,000,001,660 points.

What is the true meaning of the game Subway Surf?

One of the main reasons for creating this game was that people who cannot afford the train fare and want to experience its adventure could have a thrilling train adventure.

What is the lowest score in subway surfers?

Presently the lowest score of subway surfer is seven points.


Subway surfer is an adventurous game full of exciting features and thrilling suspense. Subway surfer, your role is as a tag man who runs from the police and his dog. The running path is full of colorful cities, difficult hurdles, and subway rides. It would be best if you run as long as you can to survive. You will collect the gold coins in your way.

In this game, you need to grab the gold without smashing in the obstacles. Other than that, you can collect many gifts that function uniquely. The characters are not the same in the whole game; there are many exciting characters with different costumes and specs. Your game will only end when you lose in the game. Like many other games, for example, temple run subway surfer is an endless game you have to run and score points. Subway surfer is free to play. You need to install and start playing this game simply.

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