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Life After APK

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                                   LifeAfter APK Apk 1.0.160 [Full]


In the gaming world, launching an android or iOS game with a new concept is an agenda of developers nowadays. Because billion of games are launching every day, but not each gets popularity due to base of old ideas. Today, we are going to tell you about an android or IOS game that launches and gets popular in a day-night range only. Life after APK launch with a new concept of Zombie or ominous World.

Life After APK 2021, is a survival game. The player has to run or hide in order to save their life. Moreover, they have to find a place to use it as a shelter, get food, and collect clothes last but not least find their left companion. The online APKof Life After 2021 is more engaging and keeps your brain busy in thinking and making strategies for how to survive in the Zombie world, that is also the agenda of this game.

Life After APK is an android or IOS version game that displaying the behaviors of humans how they are trying to survive in an ominous World. The following are a few of the most noteworthy features of the new Life After online APK:

Noteworthy Features of Life After online APK:

Game Name Life After online APK
Latest version 1.0.177
Setup Size 74 MB
Developer NetEase Game
APK Info Survival
Price Free
Minimum Android Version Android 4.4 or above
Required RAM 2 GB Required or 1.5 should be free to play
Root Requirement No
Get it on Google Play Store
Last update date 28 May, 2021
Review 4.4 out of 5 Star

What is the storyline of life after Apk?

The game started in a very happy way, children are playing, birds are chirming, people are enjoying their lives with their loved ones. Suddenly, an extreme horror sound comes, people start running in an opposite direction. The horror sound is of zombies, you have to run and don’t let the zombie caught you. In Life After APK, the zombies have a power that can bite you, in an instant, and as a result, you will transform into a zombie. Within a blink of an eye, you will see all of your family, friends, neighbor, and mate has been hunting down by Zombie.

Only a few of them able to survive and you are also one of them. In this situation, you have only one choice to run and hide. When you encounter such kind of situation you have to calm yourself then find a place where zombies can’t reach out to you. If any infected will find you, the chances of your survival will become zero.

Life After APK 2021 lets you live a fearful life in an ominous world. It also allows you to make a strategy so you can survive an apocalyptic world.

Life After APK (Unlimited Everything) APK2021’s most notable characteristics:

This part will be useful for individuals who wish to learn about the specific features of Life After Gold APK. Furthermore, if you find yourself in a predicament, should you play this game or not? Then this section is also for you because after reading it, you will have more confidence in your playing decision. Let’s get this discussion to begin as soon as possible.

Let your hopes highs:

In order to survive in the ominous world, you have to keep your hopes alive and don’t let them down. Life after APK 2021 has features when you try to survive, some hidden weapon will be starting showing out. With the weapon, you can save yourself, but first, you have to protect yourself from any diseases, infections, scarcity, and hunger.

Stay Calm:

You will have to stay calm. With the belief, that you can overcome this dangerous situation and win the world back. Once where you live happily with your family and friends.

Live with whatever you have:

you can freely move anywhere when the zombie hides. In the meanwhile, when there is zero chance of zombie attack, find the people of the survival and things that are necessary to live such as food, clothes, medicines for wounds, weapons for safety, and many more, etc.

Build a sheltered town: 

Life after APKapk 2021 allows you to build a sheltered town where survival can make a strategy how can take back the world once where they lived.


Zombie Attack Time:

No doubt, the zombie has the power to transform you into a zombie. As well they have a weakness, that is they are afraid of the sun or daylight. So, they hide in the daytime and attack in the nighttime. Daytime is for you to create a bar, fence around your sheltered town. Life after APK also allows you to set the tube light around the shelter so that, if any case infected tried to reach out you can turn on the light. This way you can make them run away.

Feel real Zombie World:

Life After APK APK 2021 gives you a real-life feel. While playing you will feel like everything is real. The developer put a lot of effort into this feature to let you enjoy the zombie world.

Fantastic Graphics:

All the movements of objects are flawless, because of the High definition of graphics and combination of color scheme.


What’s the new feature in the latest version of Life After APK 1.0.177?

  • HD Graphics has been more improved.
  • A new shelter design has been added.
  • New ways of zombie attacks have been added along with more new hurdles for survival.
  • Can make team with the survival people to fight against zombie attack.
  • Daylight has been increased.
  • New sounds of objects have been added.
  • More empty houses have been added.
  • A more dangerous attack of zombies has been added.
  • Now no root user is required to install the latest version of Life After APK 1.0.177.
  • Require high ram for running and playing in android mobile phones.
  • All the small bug has been fixed
  • The hunt for food is now possible in Life After.
  • Lights in different colors are now available to make a barrier.


Pros and Cons:

There are some Pros and Cons of the Life After death APKor black APKapk, that are required to discuss so it will easy for you to install and play this game.



It is actually a great feature of Life After black Apk, if you are hiding from the zombies or infected, then there is an option to play the game while hiding. It means you will never get bored while playing Life After Death APK 1.0.177. There is a new mini-game inside Zombie World. It keeps you engage and don’t let you bored while hiding, making strategy, and finding survival. This is a new feature never seen in any game. That is also a reason why I like it.


There is only one con of Life After online APK(Unlimited Ammo, Gold).


Not a game for low Spec devices

The latest version of Life After online APK 1.0.177 does require at least RAM 2 GB and the minimum android version must be 4.4 or high to install. To play, at least 1.2 GB of RAM must be available for free. Therefore, it won’t work on low-spec devices.

How can I download and install the Latest Version of Life After online APK (unlimited money) 2021 For android?

Having a problem downloading and installing Life After online APK Unlimited Gold APK 2021 on android mobile phones? Don’t worry, we are going to share some simple steps by following these you can easily download and install. All you have to do is to closely follow the given below steps.

Before starting the downloading process, we suggest you go to your android mobile setting.

Check there if the “Unknown Resource” is disabled, go ahead simply “Enable” it. Done go-ahead for downloading the fabulous Life After APK online.

  1. Open our website and on the top right side there is a search bar, search there as “Life After APK 2021”
  2. The result will show you a “Download” button.
  3. Click on the download button and wait till it completes the download. It is only a 74 MB file, so it would not take a long time to download.
  4. Double click on the downloaded setup file and start the installation.
  5. Wait for the installation process to complete.

Compliments! Hooray! You can begin playing immediately by clicking the “OPEN” button. Have Fun in the Ominous World.


How can I Download the Latest Version of Life After online APK 1.0.177 unlimited money 2021 For iPhone OS?


If you are facing a problem in downloading and installing the latest version of Life After APK online. Then here, we will tackle your all problems and provide you the best solution. Let us start:

  1. Visit our website and type “Life After APK online IOS 2021” in the search box.
  2. In response, a “Download” button will appear.
  3. After clicking the button, you will need to wait for the download to finish.
  4. Once you have clicked on the step file, you can begin the installation. Wait please till the installation process complete.

Done, you can start playing Life After online APK just by click on the “Open” button.



How do you get unlimited money in the latest version 1.0.177 of Life After online APK APk 2021 for Free?

Getting unlimited money is quite easy when downloading for the first time, the unlimited Gold will be in your wallet. In Life After, you can now buy whatever you want.

Is it safe to install Life After online APK on iPhone OS or Android mobiles?

You can install it on your iOS or Android device without any problems, it is completely safe. Rooting your Android device is not necessary. Therefore, there is no danger to your iOS or Android device.

What exceptional features do life after APK have?

The latest version of life after  APK has unlimited everything including resources, money, and Gold.


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