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Inshot Pro APK (video editor & video maker) Download

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Feature Table

Name Inshot Pro APK
Developer Inshot lnc
Price Free
Size 46.46MB
Category Photography / Editing Tools
Updated One day ago
Version 1.700.1309
Info unlocked

Every memory ever captured in your phone deserves to be converted into a compiled masterpiece. Or you would like to have shattered pieces of one trip come into one piece as well. InShot Pro APK has got you covered with amazing ready-to-be-used templates, effects, filters, and much more.

Capturing moments and saving them in some form of sustainable memory that you can cherish later must be your favorite thing. As it is the favorite thing of almost everyone. To do this, you must be having an app that is not only easy to use but also requires the bare minimum of work on your part. Such kind of app is InShot Pro.

Even if you want to capture your everyday life and transform all bits into a vlog, InShot Pro will do it for you. This video editing app called InShot is your way to go through editing without spending much time and energy.

This app got the attention of millions of people right when it was incepted. And it has been prevailing as one of the best video editing apps since then. It comes with modern yet easy to do features. Plus. These features are huge in number. You would not feel the worry of learning it first and then doing it. You just download it and start using it normally. To demonstrate this point, let’s dive into the subtle details of this app!

 Premium Features Of In shot Pro

  • No Watermark in In shot Videos
  • Video editing tools like trim, merge, split, etc.
  • AD-FREE Inshot Pro APK
  • Premium animations are available
  • Video effects and filters are unlocked
  • More smooth animations and transitions are added
  • Add photos, music, images, text to your videos
  • Amazing text fonts to add text in your video
  • Video speed control is also available
  • Make slow-motion videos
  • All Premium Features are Unlocked


The Era of Editing:

Be it for the sake of earning or hobby or past time, editing has become one of the hot highlights of today’s age. Looking back at a couple of years ago when videos were there but not with this much fame as in today. All the social media networks are overloaded with the content of videos specifically.

For such high demand and competition in content, there have been many video editing apps. You must choose the right app to do your work. Heavy video apps that require a lot of understanding and learning on your part would consume your time a lot. For this, In Shot Pro is perfect. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning how to use it. It is easy and has multiple editing features.

Let’s discuss it in detail. Just keep reading through to find out how this app best suits you!

How InShot Pro is the best video editing app out there?

There are some factors that you need to know to measure a video editing app’s worth. We will demonstrate all factors to you in this article so you can make your decision confidently. Let us explain to you how InShot Pro is the best option out of many video editing apps.

  1. Easy import photos/videos option: most of the video editing software/apps have a complex interface for data import. It becomes hard for those who are not much trained at software handling, to follow steps. But with InShot Pro, importing photos/videos is a matter of no time. All you have to do is explained below.
  2. Download InShot pro
  3. Open the app
  4. Click the option of photo/video/collage
  5. Click new
  6. Select the photos/videos you want to edit

And bam! They have imported the app.

Basic level editing tools available:

The most amazing feature of InShot Pro is its versatility. It would work for you even for making a simple collage of four photos and even for making a long video of complex graphics. It includes basic level editing tools i.e. zoom, trim, crop, color adjustability, filters, speed up or slows down, etc. These basic level tools can do wonders due to the app’s versatility and huge features.

  • Music and sounds:  though this app is easy to use it is ideal for all kinds of editing. For your videos, you must be needing music and sound. Well, InShot Pro covered you here as well. You can edit your sound and music in it. Cutting, trimming, slowing down, speeding up, adding your recording, recording your live voice; everything is possible with it. Moreover, adjusting the volume level of the music/sound is also possible. In short words, you can make a video of your choice easily with In Shot Pro.
  • Effects and Transitions:  this app includes a variety of effects and transitions that you can add to your photos/videos. You can combine that with 55plus transitions as well for a perfect video. Plus, this app has the latest transitions database. Thus, your editing is going to be great with this app.
  • Graphics (Sticker/texts): in case you’re struggling with the voiceover or the background song, you can simply add text to your video. This is so easy to be done with this app since the text can be added in a number of fonts and sizes. Moreover, you can stickers or emojis as well. There is a huge variety of such graphics in the app.
  • Video standards:     InShot Pro can support videos of any resolution, low or high. It can export content in 720p, 1080p, or any other HD Standard. 4k videos can also be done and exported in this app. Moreover, you can set the resolution of the video and even view it before exporting it.
  • Easy-to-follow interface:    this app has an amazingly easy interface offering editing of easy-to-complex videos. You will understand everything as you open it and start using it. The option labels and categories are quite demonstrative. Unlike other editing apps, it does provide simple functions in a complex way. But it sure does provide complex functions in a simple way.

This is perfect for those naïve at editing, for those at beginner level, and for those experts at editing. In fact, it is ideal for anyone who wants to convert their creativity into editing.

Why InShot Pro and no other video editing apps:

In Shot Pro makes a difference on many levels when we compare this app with other video editing apps.

When it comes to features, it has everything you would ever need while editing a video. And when it comes to ease, it is the easiest to follow editing apps out there. It’s just that it lacks some of the highly advanced features other apps offer. But it stands high on the list of video editing apps.

This app has over 100 million users already in such a short time since its inception. The impressive point is that it never stopped being downloaded. The majority of the users are quite positive about how it works and are not ready to switch to any other video editing app.


Little tips for you to do excellent editing:

After reading everything about In Shot Pro, we are sure that you must be excited about editing your first video. We have listed down some tips for you so you can turn your first edit into wonderful work!

  • Include graphical cinematics: to make your videos sound like made by some expert even if you are a beginner, add graphical cinematics. Here is a short example of how you can do it. Download pictures of plain colors from google, import the picture, adjust its size accordingly. You can make bars of the pictures on the top and bottom or on the corners of the video.
  • Avoid photos with distracting backgrounds: when you want to add a picture of an object, avoid its distracting background. For this, you can download the PNG version of your required object’s picture.
  • Use maximum effects: effects like zoom in and zoom out can make your video stand out among other videos. Plus, these effects are also the most used ones by popular vloggers. Select the section of the video, cut it, click canvas, select zoom, and adjust the level of zoom.
  • Use B-roll when A-roll problems: A-roll is the main footage. When the A-roll causes some problem or has a background issue, you can use B-roll. This applies to the music and sound only. You can separate the video from the music/sound. Record new voiceover and add to the video.


What’s new?

  • Reverse feature supported
  • -Effects Pack – [Retro]
  • – New Transitions – [DISSOLVE]
  • – Different New Pattern Background
  • – Bug fixes and other improvements
  • – Brand new timeline tool for effects
  • – New style effects – Motion H/V/X
  • -Different filter packs – SPOT COLOR; DUOTONE; NEON
  • – Bug fixes and other improvements
  • – Timeline Trim & Zoom
  • – Trim clips under one second
  • – Custom GIF stickers Supported
  • – Support volume up to 200%
  • – New Album -『Silicon Estate』
  • – Bug fixes and other improvements
  • More premium features
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Q-   Is InShot Pro a free video editing app?

A–    Yes, it is free to download and use.

Q- Is InShot Pro a safe video editing app?

A–    Yes, it is totally safe to download and use this app. It has already been checked by Google.

Q- How to get started with InShot Pro after downloading it?

A–    Open the app, you will see 3 options of video/photo/collage. Select the one you want to do. Import photos/videos and start editing.

Q- How can I undo a split in InShot Pro?

A–    You cannot undo a split once you have done it. There is an alternative that you can delete the clip, import it again and make desired changes.

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