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Fap CEO APK [Unlimited Money] 

This beautifully designed game, Fap CEO APK, is a popular one among people who enjoy simulation games. Gamers can also interact with several characters. The characters in the game have different looks because they are all unique. In this game, business is emphasized more. Hiring new employees is all that’s needed. Those who are new to playing simulation games will find Fap CEO APK pure to be a wonderful game.

Furthermore, you should determine how you will handle your staff. Along with that, you should form a strong team that bonds well and works well together. IOS-specific Fap CEO Hack is available exclusively for iOS devices.


Notable Prominent features of FAP CEO APK:

Latest version 5.9.0
Setup Size 66 MB
Developer Nutaku
apk Info Feature, Unlimited everything
Price Free of cost
Minimum Android Version Android 5.0 or the latest
Get it on Available PlayStore
Last update date 23 Minutes ago
Review 4.8 or up star

About the CEO of FAP:

You are the owner of a company. Here you are the owner of a company. Direct hires will be the only way to develop your business. The images used in this game make players extremely excited, even though it seems boring.

Through a mobile platform simulation, the game provides a window into the world of business as usual. All the work of developing the company will be done by the players.

Latest Features of Fap CEO APK Unlimited Money:

Style play

It is generally not difficult to play this game, since its sole purpose is to entertain. Consequently, it plays similarly to the majority of simulation games of its type that Nutaku has introduced to the market. Starting from the smallest things, players will need to recruit employees, manage them, assign them jobs. Your company would be happy to take any attractive girl on board. Customer video chats are what they do when customers request them. Profit from the attractiveness of women by hiring them to work for your company.

Getting everything done by yourself is now unnecessary with the aid of Amber, who is both beautiful and talented. Improve the appearance of your employees by upgrading them. Perhaps you’ll become an underground billionaire in this game as a result of using the money you receive to expand the size of your company.


A person named Amber will initially be assigned to you, but she will only assist with your initial work, not do video chats. Your company will therefore attract more girls to the company with her help. The selection is not difficult because of the characteristics of the company, but it is essential because it determines how much profit you get.

The players of Fap CEO have lots of choices when it comes to hot girls. All require players to play through different levels to unlock. As you unlock more girls, you will get different looks. Players gain an advantage when they earn money when they exit a game. They can then unlock beautiful items from the company.

Having fun with girls

Aren’t you lucky to be associated with the most beautiful girls in the world? There’s no guarantee that these conversations will end there, but you can discuss business with them privately. The hot pictures will be sent to you as well as an open talk. To establish a business relationship, give your new colleagues gifts to please them. If you are tolerated by many girls, you will find date flirting much more interesting. You should therefore spend time chatting with them in addition to managing the company.


The highlights of this game are the constant innovations. You can use the revenue you generate to renovate the company or buy a new building for the team. Besides hiring more employees, you can also acquire new costumes for your employees if you want to make more profit. Using boosters for a short time can be a great way to grow your sales significantly. These can help you unlock girls, equip equipment, or give girls rewards. There will be something new to experience on each level. Therefore, compete for the most attractive female employees to become a rich billionaire.


With its line of games with unique graphics, Nutaku has gained a lot of fame in the market. The anime-style graphics platform of the game makes it stand out. Further, the picture of the girls presents a delicate beauty with no less than hot appeal. The girls are instantly enchanted by the 2D graphics and the soothing voice lullaby when you see them and hear them.

A lot of attention has been placed on the game’s sound so that users find this game sympathetic. With the game platform of the Japanese publisher, Fap Ceohas brought wonderful graphics.

Players should be able to grasp the significance of Fap CEO from the information above. Those who need rest can enjoy this game model which provides excitement. To play this exciting game platform, all you need to do is download the app to your phone and start playing it right away. Please accept my sincere thanks for visiting maxdroid!

Manage your business

According to the CEO of FAP, the gamer is the studio owner. A female staff member will be working with you. Time and effort are needed to play this game, which cannot be accomplished quickly. Gamer must first maintain the state by playing the game well. Further, it is also possible for the gamer to hire beautiful girls so the game will not get boring. It’s a brilliant game called Fap CEO Keys.

Recruit more employees

Your workforce will need to be increased if you are going to finish the job on time. There will be no more burden on you since all the duties will be distributed evenly. Assigning attractive girls to maintain the state will make you tons of money. It’s an incredible game to play Fap CEO Booster.

By learning its mechanisms, you can get a sense of how the game works:

Understanding how the game works are essential in playing it well. Having amazing employees will help you earn more income and this will generate more revenue. Additionally, you will need to understand how the new characters in the game work. Gamers can always play Fap CEO mod iOS.

Download the Android version:

Those who download this game for Android will have a great experience.

  • Press the green download button on To enable the policy, go to your Android device’s settings
  • window and turn the unknown resources option on.
  • APK files can be installed in any file manager.
  • Immediately after downloading the file, run it.
  • Please rate the game after you’ve played it.


iOS version available for download:

For iOS users, this game can be easily and quickly downloaded.

  • provides the APK file for download
  • Here, you need to enable the unknown source.
  • Install the recently downloaded file in the file manager. 
  • Once downloaded, you can launch the file and explore it.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the latest version of Fap CEO?

This app is available in version 1101. In the FB CEO Auto clicker setting, a variety of options are available.

Is Fap CEO APK safe?

There is no risk associated with the game. Playing the game is safe and secure after downloading it from a trusted website. A guide to the game is a valuable asset, as gamers can plan out their gameplay.

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