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ES File Explorer APK Download

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ES File Explorer APK is an amazing file management app that can bring so much ease with handling all the files on your Android device is ES File Explorer. Download it now and see the magical convenience it brings to you. Read more info click here!

ES File Explorer Description:

Android devices usually require you to work a lot on files to keep them sorted and well-managed. This, however, could be a hectic task. Because you always need to extract a ZIP file, copy, paste, delete or shift a file.

With ES File Explorer on your device, all such tasks can be done easily and with more advanced features. You can compress images or hide credentials with this application.

Read through the amazing features of ES File Explorer mentioned below!

Memory Capacity Analysis:

This feature is something that you will love about ES File Explorer since Android device storages are no easy to deal with. But with this app, this problem is solved.

It scans all files and shows the parameters of all the space, each file is consuming. The file might be anything: image, sound/voice note/recording, documents of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, etc.

Moreover, there is a scroll-down option by which you can analyze the files if any is duplicated or doubled. This will enable you to free excessive storage to create more space in your device.

Zip and Unzip Option:

Android devices come with a file manager, but this default manager is not ideal. They are weak, slow, have low performance, and lack advanced features to support your device’s all files. The features they lack usually include image compressing, file smoothing, screen resolution matching or storage reduction.

ES File Explorer, however, is giving you all such ideal features that are easy to use. You can compress a file and it will be stored anew. You can overwrite any original file according to your settings.

Decompression is also possible with this file manager. You can decompress big files with even superior speed.

Shortcuts for Easy Access:

If you are an Android user who has to regularly install files from the internet and delete them after required usage. Then, you need to visit the Download folder many times and keep updating that.

Thus, sorting your files and reach directories can prove to be frantic work. You can resolve it with ES File Explorer. Create a shortcut of your desired file and place it on the home screen from where you can easily access it.

Deleting the file once it’s no longer required and retrieving files when needed, both things are possible with ES File Explorer. It is just like creating a shortcut on a PC.


To not let your device get boring for you, ES File Explorer is providing you with refreshing themes. The theme is a cherry on the top of the file manager.

The operating system’s default color, font, and icons are not generally bright and eye-pleasing. ES File Explorer has developer-built themes which you can use to get freshness in your file manager. Some of the themes are free. But others have technically more advanced features and are accurately designed so require a free to use.


File protection/personalization is an amazing feature of ES File Explorer. It will allow you to set a PIN for your secret folder/file and set a password for opening it. Moreover, you are bad at remembering the password, you can simply hide it.

File Exchange:

Where there are files, an exchange of them is a routine matter. With ES File Explorer, it is very easy to exchange files through FTP. You just have to log in to your pre-registered FTP account, connect it, and select the desired file and areas. Your device must be connected to Wi-Fi while performing this activity.

Easy Interface:

ES File Explorer is designed by the app’s design team in such a way that users feel comfortable using it. It has 2 main colors: blue and white. 1 unique tab of this app shows almost all the required features in a very clear way.

Home, the main interface, displays ROM and RAM information at the top of the tab in the form of a percentage. You can click on them to check ROM further or to clean up RAM. Cleaning RAM up would allow your device to start working more smoothly.

The below portion of the tab shows categories such as images, audio, video, etc. to select and work on them. In short, the interface of this file manager is quite easy to use. You won’t need to watch tutorials to learn it; just open the app and get started.

No Ads / Sponsors:

A feature that you would love is that there will be no ads or sponsors disturbing your in between your work.


The sidebar of this app and function boxes on the homepage can be customized according to your preferences. Plus, you can add a text editor that can ease your work with powerful tools. You can also display secret/hidden files of the system.

Download ES File Explorer Pro for Free:

We have pretty much walked you through all the features of ES File Explorer. But there is yet more which we want you to experience yourself. So, download the app now and bring ease to your device’s file management activity.


Q- Is ES File Explorer safe?

  • Yes, it is totally safe to download and use. It has been a popular choice among all Android users since its inception. Though it was once blamed to be adding spyware to the devices, the company denied it and claimed it to be safe.

Q- What is the latest version of ES File Explorer?

  • The latest version of ES File Explorer is We are providing you with this version for free. Download now.

Q- Do I need ES File Explorer on FireStick?

  • Yes, you definitely need it for FireStick since it offers file management and sideloading apps.

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