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Would you like to own a virtual machine software app that can work as a second Android device for your smartphone? If yes, download the latest version of VMOS for free. It is for Android devices only.


Version 1.1.34 (10134)
Updated One day ago
Developer Hunan Science and Technology Information Co., Ltd.
Category Apps, Tools
Info Unlocked
Installs 100,000+

VMOS Pro app description:

VMOS is an app software for Android devices that allows you to have another Android OS as a guest operating system. Basically, it is for having 2 OS in 1 device. With this app, you can also run the guest Android as a rooted Android OS.

Virtual machine lies the base of this app software. Moreover, the guest Android operating system has Google Play Store and Google apps as well. So, having unlimited features in your smartphones is no longer a dream with VMOS, right? Right. Read more detail about apk’s click here!

 How VMOS Pro Works:

Let’s give you a detailed idea of how VMOS practically works. It is basically a virtual machine app software that works as an additional Android OS on your device. In addition, we mean as a guest operating system. Amazingly, this guest OS has no limitations; it comes with access to Google Play Store and all Google apps.

Access to the content of different games that require a second device for some features is a top perk of having VMOS. You can download any Google app and enjoy additional features for having a second device if the app is offering any. Isn’t it just amazing? We are sure that you would agree. Having said that, let’s dive into the requirements of this app software.

VMOS Requirements:

Being a virtual machine app software, VMOS demands your Android device to be powerful enough to run it. So, if your Android smartphone device is weaker or outdated, we would not recommend this app to you.

Listed below are the specifications that your Android device would be needing to get VMOS and run it properly. Continue reading to understand those specifications clearly.

  • 32GB is the minimum storage that should be available on your smartphone device. Older Android models usually do not have storage even close to this number, so do not download it if your device is older.
  • 3GB of RAM is the minimum that should be available on your mobile phone.
  • VMOS will require a lot of different permissions for virtualization, other configuration options, and settings.

Fulfilling the above-mentioned specifications is mandatory. If your device doesn’t, then unfortunately you can clearly not have VMOS. After all, it is obvious that powerful apps come at a cost of having powerful enough devices.

In case you want to download VMOS on PC, you can simply run an Android Emulator to stimulate the Android mobile device. It can play the role of a replacement for your mobile phone. This also applies to tablet.

VMOS Pro Exclusive Features:

Now, you have pretty much an idea about VMOS. Tell us! Do you want to have 2 online accounts on 1 device or have an app twice on your phone or meet the installation requirements of all apps? Obviously yes, who wouldn’t? To make it more clear to you, we have described the exclusive features of this app below.

  • Two Accounts Online:

you can have 2 social accounts in one device, and both will be working equally efficiently.

  • Root Environment Available:

VMOS comes with different root game assistants. It is a big yes for you, especially if you are a mobile phone fanatic.

  • Application Background Running Available:

VMOS would not affect your device in any negative way. It is an independent system that doesn’t influence the management of the reception.

  • Customization Options Available:     

Another best thing about VMOS is the option to customize it. You can adjust the height, width, DPR according to your own choices. Now, you no longer have to compromise on the interface for the sake of an application. Because VMOS is all about being user-friendly. You can even record some previous set resolutions.

How to Download and Install VMOS Pro?

Read the following steps to get this app right on your mobile phone.

  • Click the “Download” button given on this site
  • Wait for a few seconds till a page opens and downloading of a file starts
  • Find the downloaded file, click on it, and install
  • Approve the security alert before installing
  • Enjoy VMOS Pro

English Version of VMOS Pro:

How do the above-mentioned features of VMOS Pro sound to you? We are sure that you are pretty much convinced of the efficiency and functionality of this app. So, wait no more and download VMOS Pro and get an extra Android OS with all the good perks. And that too for free!

Owning this virtual machine app software for free is definitely a great deal. With this, you can not only have multiple accounts on one device but also many virtualization features. Download VMOS and experience everything yourself!


Q- Does VMOS root your mobile phone?

  • VMOS is a virtual machine app software for Android smartphone devices. It allows you to have an additional operating system as a guest OS. You can run the guest OS as a rooted Android OS. Plus, Google Play Store and other Google apps are also available on it.

Q- How can I get started with VMOS Pro?

  • Click the “Download” button given on our site. After the download is complete, click install. Open the app icon, it will appear as a full screen with a home launcher. Swipe up the screen to access the drawer. Adjust the app’s settings, customize the theme and you are very well started with it.

Q- How can I enable root on VMOS?

  • Open VMOS’s Settings, go to Root, click on “Enable Root”, watch ads, and a superuser app will appear on the app drawer. That is all!

Q- Is VMOS safe?

  • Yes, it is totally safe to download and use. Because it uses virtualization to run a rooted Android OS without practically rooting the device.

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