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Deezer Premium APK Download(soundtracks, unlimited skips and no shuffling)

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Download latest version of Deezer Premium for free and give yourself an opportunity to stream and listen to your desired music. This app is all about great music! Ready to explore more about this app? Let’s get started!

Name: Deezer Premium Mod
 Developer: Deezer Mobile
 Category: Utility
 Size: 19.45 MB
 Package name:
 Price: Free
 Release: 26 – 08 – 2020
 Availability: WorldWide
 Safety: Safe
 Language: English
 Playstore: Open Play Store Link
 Requirements: Internet connectivity,
Deezer/Facebook/Google account for login.
 Rating: 4.3
 Downloads: 100000+

Deezer Premium Description:

Music is a part of human life as important to soul as food to body. We always find our emotions flowing in songs we listen to and evident in podcasts we learn from.

In simple words, a feeling without words become an emotion and emotion is all what songs are about. Millions of songs are already there, and the number is constantly being increased. Technological advancement gave us a way to enjoy music through streaming.

Music has no competition. Its survival and sustenance are undoubtedly possible. Because the love for music is transmitted from generation to generation.

Yet there are a few apps which provide a quality station for true music lovers. Fortunately, Deezer Premium comes at the top of such music stations. This app was developed by Deezer Mobile in 2006.

Popularity of this app kept on expanding for its easy interface, variety of music availability and technical advancement. It has already been downloaded by more than 100 million people in Google Play store only.

Around 56 million tracks, playlists and podcasts are available on Deezer Premium. Moreover, it has such features which no other music streaming app has. Let’s find more about Deezer Premium!

What is Deezer:

CDs, phonographs, and other such means were in practice for music in older times. They were popular for convenience and music availability but no longer. Since they do not fit into present times rightly.

Extinction of them didn’t quite happen but their use almost diminished. It happened due to technologically advanced music streaming apps like Deezer. Due to this app, you can listen to your favorite music anytime anywhere.

Deezer Premium do not require any physical storage or memory cards since the music plays in digital form. CD tracks need special place in your room and require you to take difficult steps to play it.

Deezer Premium, however, keeps songs a few clicks away from you. It is the most convenient way to stream and listen to your favorite music.

Searching for songs is also easier for you in Deezer Premium, as compared to traditional music apps. Deezer Premium also displays a list of recommended tracks according to your search history. You can listen to any playlist or create one by yourself for yourself.

Sharing your playlist with your followers, friends and family is also possible on Deezer Premium. This is not all. You can listen to different radio stations, audio channels and podcasts as well.

You can never go short on music / audio channels on Deezer Premium. Because it has a huge variety of audios available. There are other features of this app which distinguish it from other music streaming apps. Let’s seek those features below!

Features of Deezer Premium:

Distinguishing features of stunningly amazing music streaming app, Deezer Premium are listed below.

Millions of Tracks:

In Deezer Premium, there are 56 million tracks on every genre. Whatever comes to your mind, search it on Deezer and bam, Deezer has it. It is true especially for new songs.

Old song, however, are also available in an insane variety but not as much as new ones. This fact shows that you are not going to need any streaming app for life after you have gotten Deezer Premium.

Shuffle Mode:

When you get bored of listening to same songs every day, go for shuffle mode. This feature means that the app will automatically shuffle through the variety of music available.

Purpose of this feature is to get you music you haven’t discovered yet. Deezer Premium is going to be your that friend whose playlist is always a yes to you. Plus, you don’t need to spend hours finding a song on YouTube when you have Deezer Premium.


Deezer analyzes your music search history and your music taste. Based on which, it shows you tracks, and audios recommended to you. It would help you discover your favorite songs that you are away from without this feature.

Recommendations are so spot on that there is no chance that you won’t like the songs suggested. As Deezer Premium is quite sharp in knowing your music taste.


Usually, music streaming apps offer you playlists that you can listen to. But what if you like only some of the tracks in the playlist and not all of them. Deezer Premium has a solution for this.

Creating your own playlist with all your favorite songs from different genres is a task of no struggle in Deezer Premium. Moreover, you can make as many playlists as you want to.

Share your playlists with other people or listen to the playlists of other people, both things are possible only with Deezer Premium.

Radio and Podcasts:

Unlike typical music streaming apps, Deezer is not bound to songs only; it is quite flexible in genres. It has radio stations, audio channels and English podcasts as well in countless number.

Running short on things to listen to or being bound to same kind of tracks are not possible when you have Deezer Premium. You can leisure in free time with music and listen to field professionals’ interview during productive time.

Offline Play:

Having internet connection 24/7 is not possible. You would agree to the thing that the time you do not have internet connection is the time you so want to listen to some music.

Deezer Premium knows this well. That is why it gives you an option to download any song and play it offline. Moreover, you can even create a playlist to play offline. Isn’t it amazing? That you can never get bored in life with Deezer Premium in your phone.

High-quality Sound:

Deezer Premium gives you the opportunity to listen to music in 320 KBPs. That is why it is so popular among music lovers.

High-quality sound feature is a proof that no such thing as bad audio quality exists on Deezer Premium. It is a good deal to have millions of choices in music and all in high-quality. We are sure that you would agree.

Software Compatibility:

What blew us away when we were researching on Deezer Premium is its high-level compatibility. This app is compatible with Google Home, Amazon, Alexa and Sonos sound system.

Convenient Interface:

The interface of Deezer Premium is easily understandable. You don’t need to watch tutorials on how to use it. Just download it and get started with your amazing world of music.

No Sponsors and Ads:

Deezer Premium blocks all ads that interrupt your leisure or productive audio time on other apps. So, good music with no ads will be your deal with Deezer Premium.


Q- Does Deezer Premium show ads / sponsors?

  • No, it is a premium version of Deezer music streaming app. There are no ads or sponsors.

Q- Does Deezer have all the music?

  • Yes, it has pretty much of all the music. There are around 56 million tracks/podcasts/audios available on this app on every genre.

Q- Can Deezer Premium work offline?

  • You can download tracks and play them offline. Otherwise, you should have internet connection to use it.


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